Thursday, February 25, 2010

General Omar Bradley Products

Bradley was known during World War Two as "The Soldier's General" due to his devotion and care for the men under his command. He is not as widely known today as some of his contemporaries, but he was a great leader and never put personal glory over the welfare of his men. In 1950 Omar was promoted to 5-star General of the Army rank, and was the last living man with 5-stars when he died.

Omar Bradley print
Omar Bradley by parrow1978
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American Heroes of WW2 shirt
American Heroes of WW2 by parrow1978
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General Bradley and Quote shirt
General Bradley and Quote by parrow1978
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sun Tzu Products

Author of "The Art Of War", one of the oldest and most studied books on military strategy. Read this book, maybe you can learn something. But please, use this knowledge for the forces of good, don't try to take over the world.

Bonus, these products look bad-ass and if you buy one, people may think that you actually read!

Sun Tzu -- Military Strategist mug
Sun Tzu -- Military Strategist by parrow1978
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